Laboratory systems

Based on the contract with Polish IT company Granteam I would like to offer You a discussion on the potential instalation their laboratory systems (details on I can conclude performed inspection from my side led to a conclusion Granteam has established quality system. They are very well equipped and have appropriate premices and personal with skills at laboratory environment. They are in a common daily contact with laboratories which use their products. Granteam company established structure of validation documentation package according to GAMP 5 reccommendation. There are teplates available for Your validation purposes (from user requirement specification till validation protocols). Any special requests defined in Your used specification might be solved by their team within several weeks (not limited to the LIMS and ELN - Electronic Laboratory Notebook products). At present their laboratory products cover all of basic and management functions. Customers can ba also satisfied by functionalities defined in the "top" category. Moreover, thanks to the ELN product Granteam is able to support customers by futuristic complex solution for the most ambitious laboratories leading their approach to the Industry 4.0 ideology.